Luis Llopis- Real Madryt

I have been watching the development of Soccer Skills PRO for some time now, and I must admit I’m hugely impressed. I’ve become a part of this project because it’s a very good system, for which I predict success on many levels. Created tools will be needed both in professional academies and amateur clubs. 

Luis Llopis –  Real Madrid goalkeepers’ coach (Zinedine Zidane’s assistant), Soccer Skills PRO expert.

Andrzej Wyroba - TS Podbeskidzie

One of my goals as a coordinator in TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała is to make training in our club to be on the European level. To do that, we have to organise properly our training system. That is why we were looking for a solution that would meet our expectations and allow us to control the progress of our goals.

That is why we decided to sign a contract to use Soccer Skills PRO Team system, and thanks to that, we have a complete training system, that is very well developed, adapted to polish standards, and in accordance with NMG (national game model that is determined by Football Association of the country) and a program that is a way of running the Academy.

Thanks to Soccer Skills PRO Team every employee, player of the Academy, and parents will follow one path, determined by the club, in accordance with philosophy that Academy is implementing in everyday work with children and youth. In the long run, I am sure that thanks to Soccer Skills PRO Team System we will become one of the best Football Academies in Poland.


Andrzej Wyroba - coordinator of TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała academy, first division Polish club.

Roman Kosecki - Kosa Konstancin

I am glad that in Poland we have something like Soccer Skills PRO Team. Creation of that system is a natural result of Game Model, that was my priority when I was working in Polish Football Association. I decided to choose Soccer Skills PRO Team in Kosa Konstancin not because it is in accordance with  NMG (national game model that is determined by Football Association of the country) but also because it is very intuitive and complex system that is implementing the highest standards in Academy.


Roman Kosecki - Chairman of Kosa Konstancin FC, until recently vice-president of youth development in Polish Football Association, former of Ligue 1 Primera Division and MLS.

Paweł Lewicki - KKS Kalisz

Kaliski Klub Sportowy Kalisz is the largest football club in the southern of Wielkopolska region. In our club we have almost 400 players, in every age categories - starting from 5 years old, to the senior team that is playing in third polish league. KKS Kalisz gradually focuses on a development of training. In current season we decided to start using COMPLETE version of Soccer Skills PRO Team system. It is mostly because we want to help us notice and develop the most talented players in our area. Even though we are aware that the process of training is a long-term one, using that professional system already brings benefits such as recruitment to voivodeship clubs and invitations for a discussions with national Polish team. Because of that, we are sure that we had chosen the right strategy.


Pawel Lewicki - coordinator of KKS Kalisz academy, one of the biggest academy in Wielkopolska. 

Jarosław Charuk AP - 11 Legionowo

Akademia Pilkarska 11 was created in 2013 in Legionowo as a result of commitment of two active trainers who are dedicated to work with children and youth, my friend Jacek Narewski and me.

Despite the relatively short history, we have the ambition to become the best football academy in our area. To achieve this goal, we must constantly make progress, that is why, starting from season 2016/2017 we decided to use training system provided by Soccer Skill PRO.

Now, we have an instrument that allows us to improve the work of whole trainers staff, and also it helps me, as someone who is in charge, to control the whole academy.


Jarosław Charuk - co-founder and coordinator in Akademia Pilkarska 11 Legionowo, Warsaw, Poland.

Piotr Polański - Lakeshore United from Canada

We are a thriving academy, for 25 years in business and we are mostly focused on young polish people that are living in our country. We have teams in four age categories, and we want to make progress all the time.

That is why we decided to use Basic version of Soccer Skills PRO Team system. We needed an instrument that would make it easier and systematise our work. That software helps our trainers to focus on the most efficient way of implementing outlines of trainings and gives us a possibility to pass the knowledge in form of a feedback to players and their parents.


Piotr Polanski - owner of Lakeshore United Academy from Mississauga, Toronto, Canada.