From passion to perfection

The Polish Soccer Skills is a social project which aims at developing and spreading of the professional football training for children and adolescents. The project is implemented on different complimentary fields, which all together bring us a comprehensive solution.

The Polish Soccer Skills is the one and only national, coherent and comprehensive football training system for children and adolescents, which provides its own training vision, methodology, experience and a proven effectiveness of its coaches. 



We organize soccer camps since 2007: in summer, winter, spring, dedicated and specialist camps, available at a request. The camps are held in Poland, in the Central Sports Centers, and abroad, where the participants can visit the biggest European clubs. We train players from all over the country and some from foreign countries from all over the world: from Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA, Canada, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Australia. More than 4.000 young players from all over the words practise each year on the Polish Soccer Skills summer and winter camps. We improve individual skills of the players, so the coaches could take advantage of it during the team training at the club. 


The Polish Soccer Skills training system is based on an individual and comprehensive football training. The training is periodic and includes football training run by 1 coach per 4 players, motor skills training, mental training with sports psychologists, tactical training, training games and foreign football language classes. Training in small, four-person groups helps the coach to stay focused on the elements which should be improved and on the exclusion of mistakes. On the basis of long-term observations and analysis of the results of the skills tests run by the Polish Soccer Skills we created the PSS Potentiometer, which helps us define the development phase of each player.


Football training system for children and youth, which we have created with help of the best Polish, Spanish, Dutch, German and English experts, has been programmed as an IT tool. Soccer Skills PRO training system divides into two modules - Soccer Skills PRO COACH for individual training for licensed coaches of Polish Soccer Skills and Soccer Skills PRO TEAM for team training for clubs, academies, schools and federations.


Our common goal is to develop and promote talented football players and players who have a strong football potential, but still haven’t developed their talent. On the basis of the results of the skills test from each year – which are run on our soccer camps – we created the project Polish Soccer Skills Representatives. From among several thousands of players who come to our camps each year, we choose approximately 6 % from each age category on the basis of the football potential analysis – POLISH SOCCER SKILLS POTENTIOMETER. Those are the most prospective players and we mount a guard over them with a special care and promotion program. Our representatives are 8-18 years old. 


The aim of the Scholarship in Spain project is the equalization of football chances of Polish players, creation of the conditions in which World Champions and European Champions develop their skills as well as learning Spanish, which will raise their attractiveness both on the market and in their future adult life.  Polish players get a possibility of living among foreign environment, they live with a Spanish family, they attend to a Spanish school and they play in a Spanish club. The club is selected based on the skills level of each player after a yearly stay in Spain.

Polish players get the possibility of checking themselves in the best, first and second league football clubs.


On our Polish Soccer Skills summer and winter camps we run skills tests, which let us classify the best players. In that way we choose the Winners, who have the chance to travel abroad for free and to visit the best European clubs.

Until now, the Polish Soccer Skills Winners have been to Chelsea London, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, Feynoord Rotterdam, FC Barcelona, Espanyol Barcelona, Real Zaragoza, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Rayo Vallacano, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Manchester City, FC Porto i Benfika Lizbona, Arsenal FC, Tottenham.


The Polish Soccer Skills has obtained the substantial patronage of the Royal Madrid Football Federation. Thanks to that collaboration the Polish Soccer Skills coaches have access to the knowledge of the World and Europe Champions. The Polish Soccer Skills is one of very few projects from out of Spain, which has obtained the privilege of the collaboration with the Royal Madrid Football Federation – one of the biggest and largest federations associated within the Royal Spanish Football Federation. It’s the Polish Soccer Skills strategy realization – we want to understand as well as we can the Spanish training methodology, basing on which we build our philosophy. Thanks to that collaboration our coaches take part in Spanish courses, conferences and internships. 


Polish Soccer Skills’ training is available not only on the camps but also all-year round in several dozen centres in the whole country and abroad. Individual trainings, private football classes, led by our licensed coaches are a supplement to our club trainings.

New locations of trainings are constantly created because we have implemented a system of licensing coaches, which allows them to lead classes on behalf of Polish Soccer Skills.


We have started licensing trainings for coaches of Polish Soccer Skills’ methodology which end with obtaining Polish Soccer Skills’ coaching licence. This licence allows leading individual trainings (private football classes) on your own according to the Polish Soccer Skills’ methodology. The coach, apart from knowledge and experience gathered during training courses and preparatory practices, will receive sports equipment from Adidas (full Polish Soccer Skills outfit and Adidas footballs) as well as all-year work methodology in the form of exercises for a particular season. Trainings are held in a maximum amount of four people, closely following Polish Soccer Skills’ recommendations.


The Polish Soccer Skills is a social project which aims at developing and spreading of the professional football training for children and adolescents and at developing and promoting young football talents. The system’s and training philosophy’s development, coaches and children training in local centers as well as on football camps in the country are realized by the company Soccer Skills, sp. z o. o.. Trips abroad, sponsored for the Polish Soccer Skills camps Winners, Polish Soccer Skills teams, grants in Spain and collaboration with the Partner Clubs are the fields realized by the Polish Soccer Skills Foundation. 



Polish Soccer Skills is a football training platform for children and youth.  It leads its own projects and undertakes special ones at sponsors’ request. Until now, we have carried out special project for, among others, Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Cup Football Academy 2011), Adidas (Adidas Football Challenge 2010), Pepsi (Make your dreams come true), Disney XD (Galactik Football), EA Sports (Become the Master). We have also organised summer camps for Jeronimo Martins S.A. in which 250 children of company’ employees took part.