Individual football technique training in a group consisting of 1 trainer and 4 players, games with foreign coaches from the best European leagues, physical preparation training, tactical training, mental training with a sport psychologist, Spanish language learning, skills tests, nomination to the PSS Representation for the best players. The training camps are for girls and boys, regardless of the club of origin or the skills level. So far, more than 50 000 girls and boys from all over the world took part in the Polish Soccer Skills camps.


Training with foreign coaches - our players will learn about the training philosophy of countries that have won the titles of the World Champions and European Champions in football.


The Polish Soccer Skills winter camps are held for three weeks of the winter holidays. Regardless of the province you live in, you will find a term for yourself. The camps last from Sunday to Saturday.


Winners of the 2024 Winter Camps will be will receive nominations for the PSS National Team and will take part in games with the best European academies!


Book a place on the upcoming camps WINTER 2024

  • Foreign coaches from the best European leagues
  • Call up to National PSS Team for the best players.
  • Two Adidas football sets with names and bag for shoes
  • Individual description of each player’s skills and assessment of football potential
  • Intensive training, learning Spanish, classes with a psychologist and a physiotherapist.


Winter football camps – where to?

In the winter of 2024, Polish Soccer Skills Camps will be organized at the The four-star Aparthotel Termy Uniejów****

In winter, we invite you to Uniejów. A spa town, famous for its thermal pool complexes. Uniejów is located in central Poland close to the A2 motorway, making it easy to get to from almost anywhere in Poland.

The four-star Aparthotel Termy Uniejów**** is located next to a complex of two full-size football pitches - one with a natural surface - the only pitch in the country heated with geothermal water throughout the winter and one pitch with an artificial surface. There is a sports hall 1 km from the hotel.

There is also a swimming pool complex called Termy Uniejów near the hotel, which will be used by our camp participants.


► 14.01-20.01.2024

►  28.01-03.02.2024

►  11.02-17.02.2024

Annual contract with Adidas!

Now, coming to a Polish Soccer Skills camp and taking part in skills tests, besides the trip to Turin and being nominated to the Polish Soccer Skills Representation, you can receive an annual contract with Adidas.

If the Polish Soccer Skills Potentiometer indicates that you are specially gifted, Adidas will provide you with a professional contract. 

Nominations to the PSS National Team

The best players, chosen based on skills tests conducted on the camps, receive nominations to the Polish Soccer Skills Representation - National Team. Those Representations are covered by a special programme of care and promotion. For footballers, both male and female, gatherings and friendly matches with the best teams of Europe are organized. So far, Polish Soccer Skills Representatives have played with teams such as Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla FC, Granada, Real Betis Sevilla, Cordoba, Wotford and others. Thanks to this, few of them were invited for tests to clubs of Bundesliga, Primera Division and Premier League. Just to name a few, our Representatives have undergone tests in Bayern Munich and Getafe.

Polish Soccer Skills winter soccer camps:

For girls and boys of 7-19 years of age, for goalkeepers and outfield players


Each day:

  • 4 hours of football training sessions: 1-hour technical and coordination training session in groups of 1 coach and 4 players, 1-hour of training games 4x4 in groups of  1 coach and 4 players, 1 hour of training games with Spanish coaches of the Primera Division, 1 hour of training games with training games with German, English, Dutch, Italian or Portuguese coaches
  • 1-hour session with sports psychologist
  • 1-hour motor skills training session
  • 1 hour of theoretical classes in physiotherapy, diet and prevention

Additionally during a week:

  • regeneration at the swimming pool
  • tactical sessions
  • theoretical classes about the nutrition and regeneration
  • motor skills tests
  • initial skills tests defining the level of skills
  • final skills tests – classifying the best players, who are awarded and become the Polish Soccer Skills representatives. 

Sports sessions elaborated by the Polish Soccer Skills were consulted with a sports educationalist. The consultations have referred to both the range of the activities and the intensity of the sessions in the context of the age and skills of the children


Spanish coaches associated with PRIMERA DIVISION clubs are responsible for all matches at the Polish Soccer Skills summer camps. In addition, the second foreign coach, depending on the location, is a German coach from BUNDESLIGA, an English coach from PREMIER LEAGUE, a Dutch coach from EREDIVISIE, an Italian coach from SERIE A, a Portuguese coach from PRIMEIRA LIGA or a French coach from LIGUE 1. 

Thanks to this, our players will learn about the training philosophy of countries that have won the titles of the World Champions and European Champions in football.

So far, our camps have been attended by coaches associated with such clubs as Real Madrid, Sevilla FC, Granada FC, Atletic Bilbao, Getafe CF, Valencia CF, FC Koln, Bayern Munich and many more.


On the Polish Soccer Skills we provide trusted, well trained and experienced staff. We provide coaches of the football technique (1 coach per max. 4 players), physical preparation coaches, sport psychologists, Spanish and English language teachers, guardians and the director.

On all of the camps training games are led by Spanish coaches from Primera Division and German coaches from Bundesleague.

All coaches apart from having the Polish Soccer Skills licence are also licensed football coaches and the guardians have completed their educational specialist courses.


For the best players selected based on the skills tests, Polish Soccer Skills Potentiometer, we will select players with the biggest potential, who will be called up to PSS National Team and will go for free to foreing trips to play friendly games with the best European teams. 


Polish Soccer Skills Camps are available for all the players regardless of the skills level. However, the best players from the summer camps, in all the age categories, selected basing on the skills tests will be nominated to the PSS Representation.

Representatives are covered by a special programme of care and promotion. They go, among others, for special reunions and test games with the best foreign teams.

The representatives from the previous season had a chance to present themselves to the coaches and scouts playing among others with the teams such as Athletico Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, Getafe, Sevilla, Watford, Juventus or Bayern Munich.


Each player apart from the diploma of completion will receive a specially prepared book containing a description of his individual skills profile.

The evaluation of skills and football traits is made by coaches and psychologists.

During the closing ceremony of the camp, the staff  will be at the disposal of the parents who would like to talk to them about their child.


Apart from the uniforms you will get from us during the camp - rain jacket, polo shirt - you will additionally receive one new Adidas training sets with the Polish Soccer Skills logo. Players will train in their own new uniforms! The uniforms will be in the blue - navy blue.  Additionally, we will print your name on the shirts :)

Note! The uniforms you have chosen in the registration form are ordered specifically for you, therefore they are not exchangeable or refundable. We kindly ask you to carefully choose the size of the uniforms.


In the Polish Soccer Skills camps can take part all the players –boys and girls at the age from 7 to 19 years old, regardless of the skills level and position on the football pitch.  

During the first day of the camp there are skills tests being conducted. Basing on these and the age training groups of 4 people are created. Thanks to this any situations, in which someone with higher skills trains with the other one being just at the beginning of his adventure with football will not occur.

In the Polish Soccer Skills camps during the year 2019 more than 5000 players from all over Poland took part – both from the Ekstraklasa clubs and small school teams – along with players from 21 countries from all around the World.

The Polish Soccer Skills camp is a place where entire football environment integrates, regardless of the club affiliation. 


We are happy that more and more girls come to our camps every year. We invite girls aged 7-19, both those who already play football and those who want to learn to play it.


Apart from all other activities described in the offer, goalkeepers have a dedicated goalkeeper training session every day. The goalkeeper training at our camps is under the supervision of our expert Luis Llopis, Real Madrid coach, who is an assistant to Zinedine Zidane, and is in charge of goalkeepers!


Football technique is trained in small groups of four, thanks to that a coach has an opportunity to focus on every detail and correct every mistake that occur. Just after a week it is possible to notice the elimination of the bad football habits and better understanding of the aim of the exercise.


Thinking about the parents of our players, we have prepared educational materials that you will be able to access right after the camp. Do you sometimes wonder how to support your child without putting some pressure, what to say after a lost game or how to encourage training? In the series of short lectures, we have answered these and other questions. We will tell you how to support a young player on his football path.


  • accommodation in a room for five persons with a bathroom
  • everyday full board (breakfast, II breakfast, lunch, dinner, training beverages)
  • your own one new match outfit sets from Adidas – T-shirts, shorts, gaiters
  • classes with a Spanish German, English, Italian, French, Dutch or Portuguese coach
  • Football coach (four-person groups as maximum)
  • Motor skills coach
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Theoretical classes (tactics, nutrition, regeneration)
  • Professional educators staff
  • Training equipment from Adidas for use during the camp only – a T-shirt, football socks, a raincoat, a polo shirt, a shoe bag, a cap
  • Washing of the sports equipment
  • Swimming pool
  • Medical care
  • Insurance against accidents
  • Camp Accomplishment Certificate
  • A cook with an individual profile of the player described by the coaches
  • Photo report (available online)
  • Participation in the skills tests which allow to win the award: a trip to German.

The price does not include the access to the location.


1.The organizer of the Polish Soccer Skills Camp is Polish Soccer Skills Fundation
2.The payment of the advance of 200 EURO/camp must be made within 7 days from the date of sending the application form (reservation).
3.The payment of the rest of the amount must be made no later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the camp. 
4.Payments are to be made on the Polish Soccer Skills Fundation account. Account number: PL 66 1240 6380 1111 0010 5017 1245
5.The lack of the payment in the period mentioned above results in the withdrawal of the application without the return of already payed advance.
6.In the unexpected cases that eliminate the possibility of the child’s participation in the camp – parents/legal guardians should pass the information about the resignation from the participation in the camp by an e-mail to the following address 
In the situation described above Polish Soccer Skills Fundation will return the money with the restriction:
a) resignation up to 15 days before the date of commencement of the camp – return with the deduction of 200 EURO.
b) resignation in less than 14 days to the date of commencement of the camp – return with the  deduction of 70%  of the camp price

7.Sending an application for the Polish Soccer Skills camp is unambiguous with the acceptance of the terms and the conditions of the camp and the privacy policy.
8.Sending an application for the Polish Soccer Skills camp is unambiguous with the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the reservation.


Why should you choose Polish Soccer Skills camp?

High-tech methodology of the football training, individual technical training in groups 1 coach – 4 players, physical preparation training, tactical training, mental training, Foreign coaches from the best European leagues, learning Spanish language, skills tests,  nominations to the PSS Representation and trip to the European academy for the best players.

More than 50.000 players and their parents trusted us already!


See which period of the Polish Soccer Skills camp Winter 2024 is organised during the date of winter holidays in your province:


1 Date: 15 january  - 28 january

dolnośląskie, mazowieckie, opolskie, zachodniopomorskie

2 Date: 22 january  – 4 february 
podlaskie, warmińsko-mazurskie.

3 Date: 29 january  – 11 february 
lubelskie, łódzkie, podkarpackie, pomorskie, śląskie

4 Date: 12 february  - 25 february 
kujawsko-pomorskie, lubuskie, małopolskie, świętokrzyskie, wielkopolskie


 Foreign coaches from the best European leagues

 Original, efficient training system

 1 Adidas match outfit with your surname

 Measurable training effects, objective potential tests

 Nominations to the PSS Representation based on the test results

 Free abroad trips for the best players

 Full pedagogical, psychological and merits-related care

 The best football camps in this part of Europe

 Camps organised with great success since 9 years

Do you still have doubts? You’re not sure?