In football, we distinguish 4 phases of game such as attack, defence, attack-defence transition and defence-attack transition. Their proper definition allows us to use optimal means of training used to raise players’ skills.


  • Possessing of the ball as a main element of the game in attack phase. Do not lose it at all cost.
  • Keeping the ball must pressure the opponent to defend himself.
  • Not speeding up when finishing the action while attacking. Consider other options assuring keeping the possession of the ball.


  • Will to rapid and constant possession of the ball. Recover the ball to the nearest zone where it was lost.
  • Counterattack conditioning. Prioritizing the zones. 
  • A unit not to be passed. Protection of some places and/or situations.

Attack-defence transition

  • Rapid will to possess the ball. Conditioning of the counterattack. Obstructing the opponent in fast transitions from defence to attack through change of position. Recovering the ball in the near zones in comparison to the zone in which a loss has been made.
  • Players behind the ball: control of the opponents and protection of free areas behind their backs.
  • Players in front of the ball:  return to defence.

Defence-attack transition

  • Players have to be conscious of rapid performance of actions so as to use the advantage they have over the opponent.
  • Player in possession of the ball: steady pass ensuring continuity/certain progressive dribbling as well as fast play of action (pass) or its finalization (goal).
  • Players in front of the ball: ensuring the play of action on the width and length of the pitch by the players most engaged in the course of action; ensuring continuity by the nearest players.
  • Players behind the ball: preparation for an eventual loss of the ball, support in order to ensure continuity.



System Soccer Skills PRO divides into Soccer Skills PRO Coach, a system including methodology for individual training and Soccer Skills PRO Team, a system including methodology for team training.


Training system Soccer Skills PRO includes four areas: 

  • Motorics,
  • Technique,
  • Tactics,
  • Personality

Tasks are performed as a warm up, preparing a player for the main part. Its purpose is to extensively prepare the organism providing multiple stimuli.

Personality and About yourself

These issues from the mental sphere are performed during the whole training. Mainly, in terms of personality, special care is given to raising an obedient player with a sense of fair-play. About yourself encompasses awareness about player’ strengths and weaknesses as well as awareness of how to apply each exercise in a game.


Performed in a form of training, in groups of four as well as in small games.  The small groups division allows the coach to catch the details which often decide if the player achieves the best of his/her ability.


Its main task is the intellectualization of the player as well as creating a habit of making optimal decisions. It’s performed mainly in the last part of the training.

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