On all of the camps, training games are led by the best European coaches connected with clubs from top leagues. In the programme, you can find individual football technique trainings in small, four-people groups, physical preparation, tactical and mental trainings as well as learning Spanish language. Skills tests are conducted during all the camps, based on which, we choose Winners who will go to the best foreign clubs to play friendly games. Moreover, the best players will receive nominations to the Polish Soccer Skills Representation.


Every year, over 5.000 of young football players from Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain come to our camps. All the participants undergo skills tests, basing on which the Winners, who are awarded with the friendly games at the best foreign clubs and selection to the Polish Soccer Skills football team, are chosen.

Open registration for summer camps. Girls and boys of 7-19 years of age are invited to Uniejow, Ustronie Morskie, Zakopane or Gizycko in Poland. 

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The winners of the Polish Soccer Skills camps, who achieve the best results in skills tests, are awarded with grants at the best Eureopean clubs. Take a look at the previous winners.


1 coach per 4 players

This is a core principle of the Polish Soccer Skills. On each camp, regardless of the amount of participants, during the technical training with one coach maximally 4 players are practicing their skills. Only in that way, soccer training becomes much more effective and it is easier to discover and develop the potential of a young player and to exclude bad training habits. 

Our own training system

We are the only ones who possess our original training system. Our methodology is based on Spanish standards and aims to train complete, intelligent football players with an excellent technique and motor skills who are able to make right decisions quickly. On the basis of many years of observation we have created our PSS potentiometer. 

Friendly games with top Europen clubs

The participants of the camps undergo skills tests. The best of them have the chance of winning a trip abroad to the best foreign clubs. Until now, the PSS winners have been to Chelsea London, A.C. Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United,  FC Porto and others.

Professional coaches

All the coaches – apart from pedagogical qualifications and preparation – possess a PSS license; they have accomplished a training with, among others, Spanish instructors and psychologists. Besides Soccer Coaches, Motor Skills Coaches and Spanish coaches, there is also an additional staff of camp counselors, psychologists and coaches from the best European clubs.

Girls and boys of 7-19 years of age

Soccer camps for girls and boys of 7-19 years of age, regardless of the level of football skills.
In the camps participate players from very good clubs of the Ekstraklasa, representatives of local and national teams, as well as players from small towns or little-known clubs and foreign people. 

Selection according to the prepositions

On the first day of the camp take place the skills tests, basing on which the players are matched into training groups. The participants of each of the four-person group are matched according to their age, weight, height and skills. This ensures that the players will participate willingly in the training and are more motivated. 

Adidas kits as a gift

Players, during the camp, use our adidas football equipment like: balls, raincoats, shoe bags, polo shirts and caps.
Additionally, every participant of the Polish Soccer Skills camp, is given for his own two a brand-new Adidas kit with logo of Polish Soccer Skills with his/her name, composed of: shorts, T-shirt and football socks in two different colours. 

Comprehensive development

The motor skills training, sessions with a sports psychologist, tactical training, Spanish football language learning and playing with European coaches form an inseparable part of the soccer training. There is also an additional goalkeeper training. We also teach the players about the sport attitude and the fair play rules. 

Security and recommendations

All of our players are insured against accidents. The camps meet all safety norms and are supervised by the chief school administrator. Every year, over 5.000 of young football players from Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain come to our camps.

We train future football stars! Join us!

Camps Locations

The Polish Soccer Skills camps are organized in the Central Sports Centers and Olympic Preparation Centers. Those are places where professional sportsmen get prepared. The participants of the camps are accommodated in room for two or three persons with bathroom and with television. There are disposable pinches, conference rooms and sports halls. Diet is fitted to the sportsman’s necessities. 

Aparthotel Termy Uniejów ****, ul. Termalna 1, 99-210 Uniejów
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Hotel Mistral ****, ul. Sportowa 5, 84-250 Gniewino
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Ustronie Morskie
Hotel Skal ****, ul. Chrobrego 80, 78-111 Ustronie Morskie
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Kompleks API i Willa Jandor - Zakopane, ul. Pardałówka
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The Polish Soccer Skills camps guarantee the soccer training of the highest level. We offer not only a comprehensive training in every field of the player’s skills – the best players have the chance to go for free on camps abroad and it is possible for them to become the Polish Soccer Skills representatives. 

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 Coaches from the best European clubs 

  Match kit from Adidas – to keep it

  Full pedagogical, psychological and medical care 

  Unique and original training system

  Measurable effects of training sessions thanks to the objective analysis 

  Individual training with experienced coaches

  Objective guidelines thanks to the PSS Potentiometer 

  Camps organized successfully for 10 years now 

  Trips abroad and PSS teams 

Get your skills and career to the next level 

Experience, knowledge and skills of the PSS staff are the values which have already helped to dozens of thousands of players. The Polish Soccer Skills is a unique project in the scale of the whole country, it is built upon an integrated football training system, which include all of the player’s skills: technique, motor skills, tactics and psychical condition. On the camp you are going to develop all those fields, receiving specific guidelines for the future individual training at the end of the camp. The Polish Soccer Skills integrates all the football environment. Players from all the clubs meet at our training sessions.