Polish Soccer Skills  PRO system is not only a professional football training for children and youth, but also is connected with a change of the football player profile. Couple of years ago, coaches treated a talented player as the one who grew up faster in comparison to the children of the same age.

Regional selections and youngest categories of the youth selections were formed by the biggest, tallest and the strongest players. This attitude led to the situation in which after a couple of years, players unnoticed by coaches were reaching the level of the noticed ones and the selection process began again.


In the Polish Soccer Skills  PRO system, we have prepared a selection process based on football skills and not on the opinion of the coaches or physical development of a player. In this matter, we took advantage of our experience from Spain and Holland. In this countries, many years ago they decided to change the model of the football talents recognition – the height, strength were no longer the main factors, what they sought were speed, quick, clever thinking ability and creativity.

After many years of analysis and tests we created our own model of the selection of the talented players –Polish Soccer Skills PRO Potentiometer. All the players are being tested technically and the overall fitness is being verified –  basing on the results, we determine the football potential in the special scale. Tests, which are being carried out every year show us the progress and development of the player’s talent.

Today, by giving some examples, we can prove the effectiveness of the Polish Soccer Skills PRO Potentiometer – the winner of Polish Soccer Skills tests in 2011, Karol Linetty in January this year had his debut in the National Polish Football Team and other players that were standing out of the crowd during our tests, are playing in the regional selections or youth selections.