Idea of the Representation

From all male and female players on our camps every year, based on the potential testing via POLISH SOCCER SKILLS POTENTIOMETER, we nominate the most promising players and we provide them with a special programme of care and promotion. There are special gatherings organised for our Representatives as well as friendly matches with the best European teams such as Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Getafe, Sevilla FC, Real Betis Sevilla, Wotfort, Union Berlin and many more. The most outstanding football players are invited to take tests at European clubs. Among others, our Representatives have undergone tests in BAYERN MUNICH, GEAFE and WATFORD.


We believe that each year we’ll choose those players who, thanks to us, will become the best. The project will be realized each year, so every talented young participant of the Polish Soccer Skills can put on the kit of our team and enjoy that adventure. 

Every participant of the Polisch Soccer Skills summer and winter camps has a chance of becoming a representative of the Polish Soccer Skills team. 


Inauguration of the season

In Autumn we organize the official start of the season of the Polish Soccer Skills Teams. We select the presigous place like National Stadium or National Arenas for the event. 

During this event we would like to give Acts of Calling to the Representation and to take photos to commemorate the event.

The official ceremony is very prestigeus event and very important for players and also for parents who watching the activities from the stands.

COS Cetniewo training camp

At the turn of the year we organize training camp at the Central Sports Centre in Cetniewo. It is devoted to the development of players in terms of positions, techniques and tactics. One of the assumptions during the camp is observation the leading characteristics of a given player and match the optimal tasks on the pitch.

The program is created in cooperation with coaches of clubs from Bundesliga and Primera Division, who face each other on the highest level of the game.

Official letters for club/school

Each player who is called to our Representation will receive from Polish Soccer Skills foundation the official letter with congratulation to player's school and club.

The idea of the letter is appriciate the high level skills of the player but also hard work of school and club which work with the player during the year.

In the letter is also schedule of activities of Polish Soccer Skills selection teams to explain potential absence at school and club.

Foreign camps

In the spring, our representatives go to foreign camps to further improve their skills. During the trips, in addition to training sessions, each team plays friendly games. We want to create the best opportunities for development for our players, so our opponents will be top European clubs of the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Primera Division and Serie A.

So far, we have played with such teams as: AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Betis Sevilla, Getafe CF, Granada CF, Juventus FC, Rayo Vallecano, Reading FC or Sevilla FC.


We support our the best players with training, diet and mental consultation. We want to make it clear to our players that training is 24-hours a day.

Only the right plan of the day and the right nutritional plan allow for better performance. Players must be aware that details play a significant role.

Dietary advice and mental coaching are aimed at showing how to start conscious training outside of the pitch or a sports hall.

Sport equipment

The players have national football set.

During the Inauguration, players receive Adidas sports gear: football socks, shorts, white shirts, red shirts and trucksuits.

The match set will contain the Polish national flag, the representative's number and name.

Additional the trucksuit will include information on the age category and player number.

If you want to have chance to join our selcetion teams, take part on our winter or summer camps.

We will provide you a skills tests, and if you will be good enought we will invite you to our selecion teams.