Beautiful story of Cristiano Ronaldo

I have to thank my friend Albert Fantrau for my success, we play together for the Youth Club. When the Sporting staff came they said that whoever scored the most goals in that match would be accepted by the club.

We won that game by 3 to 0, I scored the 1st goal and Albert the 2nd with the head, the third goal was what impressed everyone.  Albert came face-to-face with the goalkeeper, I was running beside him, he dribbled the goalkeeper and all he had to do was push to the empty goal, but he passed the ball to me and I scored the goal and was accepted by the  Sporting. After the game I went to him and asked, Why? And he replied, You're better than me!
Years later a journalist went to Albert's house and asked if the story was true, Albert confirmed that he did.  He also said that after that match he gave up his footballing career and that he was now unemployed.  The journalist asked, But then how do you have this luxurious house and this beautiful car in the garage? You seem to be a rich person." How do you maintain your family?  Albert proudly said.  It came from Cristiano!