Creative second breakfast – practical tips

Ideally composed second breakfast should consist of three to four different food groups, contain appropriate amount of protein (eggs, cheese, legumes, lean ham, yoghurt, milk), grain carbohydrates (cereal crackers, bread, wholemeal waffles, tortillas), fruit, vegetables and healthy portion of fats. This combination of ingredients will satisfy the nutritional needs of a young player, will help achieve better results at school and will have a positive effect on physical activity. Moreover, it will ensure the feeling of satiation for many hours.

Creative sandwich:

1. You can use below examples for spreading:

Avocado spread – nutritional avocado spread, it’s perfect as a base for sandwiches, tortillas. It can also be used as a dip for veggie sticks.

Vegan cashew butter – rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Soaked cashews need to be blended to thick consistency mass.

Peanut butter – ideal for children at every age, it contains healthy fatty acids.

Veggie pesto – ajvar is a slightly spicy veggie spread, made from sweet pepper, aubergine and garlic, delicate tomato and pepper spread.

Legumes spread, hummus – green peas and cottage cheese spread, chick-pea hummus are the best spread for the bread


2. Spices and herbs give new taste to the food.

Fresh herbs: basil, oregano, coriander, chives, parsley

Spices: cinnamon, caraway or turmeric, red pepper


3. Bread: Instead of traditional bread use: pita, corn bread, wraps, flatbreads fried on the pan, wholemeal waffles, wholemeal crepes.


4. Fresh snacks as an addition.

Pack a small bag or package of snacks. Use cheese, fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, homemade mousses, smoothies. Prepare veggies in a different way, cutting them in matchstick (julliene) type slices, diamond, circle and star shapes, using baking forms. Try:

Green veggies: rocket, lettuce, watercress, lamb’s lettuce, kale

Baked veggies: zucchini, aubergine, pumpkin, scallion, baked carrots, baked lentils

Fresh veggies: celery, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, pepper, cocktail tomatoes

Cheeses: hard cheeses such as parmesan with grapes, cheddar or other types like blue cheese

Remember about the fruit: bananas, apples, peaches, grapes, plums, pineapple, mango or oranges are a perfect dessert


5. Keep your meals safe.

Invest in portable food containers: small fridges with cooling pads, thermos flasks, insulated bags. Using that kind of containers can expand the product range eaten on second breakfast. Containers with cooling pads are intended to keep lower temperature of food, thereby extending the freshness of the food. They reduce the risk of food poisoning.


If you have any questions, write to me ;)

PSS Dietary Consultant, Erwina Szymczyk