Football player’ motor skills

Physical effort during a football match is very variable. During the match, players cover the distance of, on average 8 to 15km and change the form of physical activity around 1300 times.

Physical activities done during the match include running various distances with and without the ball, running backwards, slides, jumps and march. During  a football match, we can observe short-term physical effort performed with maximum and high intensity, alternating low and moderate intensity one, as well as breaks in forms of standing and walking.

Aerobic capacity it’s a base of a football player’s motor preparation, however it is worth stressing that the actions influencing final result of the competition depend on anaerobic metabolism. Pay close attention to training performed in the “tired state” as it may have visible impact on the result of the match. At this state of training, try to do the exercises of the highest quality possible.

What characterises football player’ motor skills?

- natural ways of moving are running and jumping,

- player’s activity is dynamic, using a big component of coordination skills, targeted at operating the ball,

- forms and movement patterns are subjected to increasing tiredness,

- players cover around 2% of general distance with the ball,

- during the game, there is around 1000-1200 spurts, accelerations, braking and stopping actions,

- 16% movement on the pitch is to the back and to the sides

- accelerations happen on average 15m distance and every 90s 

- motor skills requirements relate in particular to maintaining strength on a high level during increasing feeling of tiredness,

- multifaceted motor preparation profile is enforced by various positions and players’ roles on the pitch, contact nature of the discipline, coordination and orientation requirements, overview of the situation, decision-making under pressure, individual technique and team tactics.

Knowing player’ motor skills, you know what to pay attention to during the training. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to work harder but smarter.

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