Fruits in a diet of a young sportsman

The best source of vitamins and minerals in a diet of a young sportsman are fresh fruits and vegetables. They have a positive effect on the immune system, contain antioxidants that maintain our health and additionally, are a source of easily absorbable carbohydrates. Thus, they are ideal as a part of meal after practice.

When preparing meals, pay attention that the diet contains the following fruits:

• Cherries have a high concentration of phytochemical compounds and anthocyanins that are related to many health benefits. The substances with a difficult name have a high anti-inflammatory and antioxidizing properties, improve quality of sleep, regeneration and reduce the damage and pain of muscles after practice (commonly known as sore muscles).
• Watermelons are mainly composed of water and carbohydrates and can replenish the fluids during the day.
• Dried fruits as a result of water evaporation, are a concentrated source of nutrients. They provide a higher source of energy than the fresh ones. Therefore, they are ideal after practice as a source of carbohydrates. Some of them like figs are a good source of minerals: potassium and calcium. Food sensitive persons should be careful taking raisins, dried plums and figs as they may cause some digestive discomfort.
• Bananas, the jogger’s fruits, when ripe, provide easily released carbohydrates and minerals of high importance to the sportsmen. A high dose of potassium replenishes electrolytes after practice.

We are approaching a season for ice-creams so to not mess with your plan, it is worth to prepare the home-made fruit ice-creams.

Strawberry sorbet: 
1kg of (frost) strawberries

Mango and banana ice-creams
Mango (1 mango, 280g)
Banana (3 bananas, 360g)

Strawberry-banana ice-creams
Bananas (120g, 1 banana)
Frost strawberries (150g, glass)
Cow/plant milk (50ml)

Banana ice-creams 
Bananas (480g, 4 bananas)

Banana-chocolate ice-creams
Dark chocolate 70 % (36g, 2 bars )
Cacao (decomorreno) (10, table spoon)
Cow/plant milk (50ml, 2 table spoons
Bananas (240g, 2 pieces)

Preparation: slice all ingredients, freeze. Then blend. Ready, enjoy!

Hint: In the winter, when we are not able to buy fresh products, we can use frozen foods. They are prepared in the peak plant growing time so they have a lot of nutrients. We should remember about taking fruits during the day so that our diet is attractive in taste and visually.