Functional tests

Physical and motor preparation is a base for proper and safe operation of the footballer on the pitch. We now know characteristics of motor skills, so we know where to pay attention to on the training. We have also mentioned coordination patterns and the necessity to develop their quality, that is, such activity which movement will be safer and will not provide opportunities of injury.

Functional tests are very useful when evaluating movement patterns which determine our physical activity. Regardless of whether it is a recreational game with friends in the backyard or a match on the highest level of competition and intensity. Evaluation of movement patterns helps to “catch” the biggest issues and limitations in our movement system. Disorder of these basic patterns adversely affects  economy of movement, increases the risk of injury or overstressing and can change proprioceptive sensations (yes, there are those you read about in the last physioadvice). That’s how we get to know the source of our impotence on the pitch and we can determine the reason of tiredness which limits our football potential.

In most of the cases, the organism sacrifices quality of movement for its quantity. Movement patterns will aim at the smallest resistance, provoking microinjuries and overstressing states. That’s why it is so important to monitor player’ motor skills using functional tests.

Thanks to this kind of tests, we can capture information about global movement pattern and identify movement issue. It allows to establish criteria and directions of corrective action, which restores the proper quality of movement. Changes which we introduce in the incorrect activities, lead a footballer to optimally “healthy” movement, thanks to which we gain advantage over the rivals. There we can see a difference between a victory and a defeat, confirms Polish representation’s physical preparation coach, Remigiusz Rzepka, functional tests expert.

Remember! Make sure that you shape fundamental movement patterns which are a base of motor skills of each human being.


PSS physiotherapy consultant, Bartosz Kot

Bartosz Kot, Physiotherapy

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