Physiotherapist Bartosz Kot has joined the staff

Bartosz Kot, a physiotherapist has joined our staff today. We hope that this physio tips which will appear on our website since September, will help you avoid injuries and in case of one, quickly return into shape.

A graduate from Faculty of Rehabilitation of University of Physical Education in Warsaw and a doctoral student at third cycle studies in physical culture.

An experienced therapist in the terms of therapy and medical training in pain, posttraumatic, degenerative and postoperative states.

He specializes in prevention and medical treatment of sport injuries in disciplines such as football, volleyball, running, dance, skating. He is experienced in spinal and peripheral joints (wrist, shoulder, hip, knee, foot) therapy.

He is especially interested in the concept of treatment based on manual therapy, biomechanical theory of muscle chains as well as fascial techniques.

He worked with volleyball players from Academic Sports Club of Warsaw University of Technology and took care of dancers from the "You Can Dance" TV show.

He is also an academic lecturer responsible for teaching Biomechanics and Kinesiotherapy in Physiotherapy degree.

Football instructor and UEFA B. coach. In the past he was a representative of Academic Sports Club of Warsaw University of Technology in the futsal section as well as a coach.  Passionate about travelling and diving.

"Finding out the problem and reason for an existing dysfunction is a first step for me to start an effective therapy. I care not only about removing the problem but also finding a new, better stability of tension which will ensure a higher resistance to external factors distorting homeostasis of the organism.”

We wish Bartek a fascinating collaboration and many new challenges :)