Thank you for the prize!

It is a great pleasure to announce that the founder and person behind the idea of Polish Soccer Skills, Krzysztof Kunik was honoured with the title of “Born Leader” :).

Previously, Ewelina Stępień-Kunik, the chairman of Polish Soccer Skills Foundation, was honoured with the title of „Charismatic woman” :) Many thanks to Why Story magazine for all honourable mentions. We treat it as an appreciation for the work of all people who create Polish Soccer Skills!!! 

The competition jury consists of, among others, professor  Piotr Ostaszewski, vice-rector of Warsaw School of Economics, Janusz Cieślak, chairman of the European Business Club, Karolina Hudowicz, director of the International Coach Federation, Beata Sekuła, editor in chief of Why Story magazine, professor Jacek Niedziela-Meira, a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Breslau, Anna Grygierek, mayor of Strumień and Woman of the Year champion.

Thank you!