Management module

If you are a coordinator or a coach and you are looking for functionalities which will enable suitable management in the academy, club or football federation,  the management module is for you. The main benefit of this module is a timetable with clearly outlined trainings, matches and various events taking place in the academy.

Training module

In the training module you will find functionalities needed for coaches to lead trainings. There is a complete yearly and monthly plan along with ready-made training sessions and a rich exercise database. The software gives the possibility to create your own training sessions and exercises as well as extra homework for players. Each exercise includes clear graphic, detailed description and progression tracking.  As all the sessions are adjusted to the goals included in the plan, they are comprehensive and create a solid base for long-term development of each player.

Analytical module

Analysis is currently one of the most developing areas of football training. Soccer Skills PRO Team has its own analytical module with a special Soccer Skills PRO ID. It was created based on the experiences of specialists from Poland,  England, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. Thanks to it, coaches can objectively evaluate the phase of development of a player and his skills in relation to the best players. It’s worth mentioning that the Soccer Skills PRO ID was created for each age category. In this module, user can add his team matches, create its history (its timeline) and choose the team players. Analytical module enables analysis based on the evaluation of technical, tactical, physical preparation and mental sphere areas. The analysis can be not only individual, but also synergistic, formative and team one!

Support module

Soccer Skills PRO Team includes solutions which task is to help using its functionalities. In this module, there are tutorial videos, FAQ and helpdesk. There is also a section with articles sorted by topics and physiotherapy, dietetics and psychology lectures. Support module also includes recommendations for players in terms of nutrition, hydration and regeneration.


Calendar  is one of the main management tools. On the platform, it can be seen in a form of weekly and monthly timetable as well as daily (hour by hour breakdown) timetable.  Any trainings and matches added by the coach, are automatically seen on the calendar. What is important for the coordinator, is that he can see the group and particular training or match which concerns it. Besides, each user can add  their own, private events, which are only seen to him.

Main goal of the Messenger is free sharing of information between the coordinator, coach and player. Each of the users can send and receive free messages. In the messenger, it is possible to edit the text format and add photos. Moreover, it shows information about training and match changes as well as homework for players.

Functionality of the system enables the coordinator and coach to add profiles of new players as well as edit profiles of players already existing in the database. Here we can find information about the player such as: basic personal data, Soccer Skills PRO test results, match statistics, clubs’ history, personal notes, also individual, synergistic, formative and team analysis. In addition, each player can have a legal guardian assigned to him.

A place, where you add and edit training groups, created from database-chosen players. Apart from adding training groups, it’s a place to add an assistant of the first coach. In edition of the group, the user can find: individual information about the player, played matches. Another very important function is taking the register.

Functionality designed only for the coordinator. Here, in a quick and easy way you can create profiles of new coaches and edit those coaches already existing in the database.

It is one of the main tools in Soccer Skills PRO system. There is a huge database of ready-made exercises which a coach can search by filtering the training group and choosing the area which the exercise should concern. Apart from ready-made exercises, the user can create his own database of exercises and add chosen ones as favourites.

It is the biggest power and advantage of Soccer Skills PRO system. Mostly, there are ready-made training sessions, but the user have also the possibility to create his own sessions. The coach has specific sessions only for his groups, whereas the coordinator has access to all age categories. Each session is created based on daily and monthly goal of  Soccer Skills PRO system. It is also a place where the user can see above mentioned goals for each month. Each training session involves such areas as physical preparation, technique, tactic and mental training.

This functionality was created with a thought of a coach and player. The coach as a user can send homework to his own player. The homework can be done in a descriptive or graphic way. For each task, the coach sets a deadline of realisation. The player can answer the tasks assigned to him.

Planning results from Soccer Skills PRO system. It’s a quick transition to monthly goals view for areas such as physical preparation, technique, tactic and mental training for all the months.

Soccer Skills PRO ID is a result of work with experienced coaches from Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. All players undergo technical and general fitness tests. Based on the results, we determine football potential according to a special scale. Tests are conducted annually and show progression in results, thereby talent’s development. Soccer Skills PRO ID is the main tool in Soccer Skills PRO system on which all analyses are based. Here, the user will see a list of players with all the results.

This functionality enables adding matches to a training group. In order to create a match you need to choose an opponent, date, match venue, time and Soccer Skills PRO formation. There is a graphic for each formation and players’ names need to be added. Apart from choosing the team, the user adds reserve players. Another functionality is creation of match history by adding occurrences such as goal, yellow card which are later displayed on the match timeline.

In individual analysis, the coaches evaluate their own player based on the tournament, friendly or league match. They can distinguish the key moves of the match, both positive and negative ones in a descriptive way. The coaches choose to evaluate player’s 4 areas: tactic, technique, physical preparation and psychology. All assessments are being recorded in the profile of a player.

In team analysis, the coaches evaluate their own teams based on the tournament, friendly or league match. Short notes about the match can be written here but mainly the goal is to evaluate the team in 4 areas: tactic, technique, physical preparation and psychology. As an interesting alternative, the team can be assessed in terms of synergistic and formative analysis!

In football we differentiate 4 game phases such as organising the game in attack, defence, transition from attack to defence and transition from defence to attack. These phases have been included in the Soccer Skills PRO philosophy. Each of the users can check the philosophy at any time and familiarise himself with working structures of Soccer Skills PRO.

This entry is mainly directed at players. Each player will find a description of position on which he plays. The description was created in terms of tactic and characteristics which every player should have on a specific position. Every description has an attached graphic.

This entry is primarily addressed at players. The users by entering the advice section, will find articles sorted by topics. They concern physiotherapy, dietetics, mental and goalkeeper trainings. It is an enormous knowledge database for each player.

In the tab Frequently Asked Questions, regulations concerning the use of system can be found. Besides, frequently asked questions and their answers are constantly updated.

If the user does not find the answer for his question in the FAQ tab, he can always use the contact form available in the Help tab. Here, you can also find contact details of Soccer Skills Sp z.o.o as well as Polish Soccer Skills Foundation.